In the current world that we are living in insecurity has risen beyond bounds due to different factors that have contributed to conflicts between countries, villages, tribes, continent, ethnicity among other majors. Avant company has employed a team of qualified professionals who have great
experience in handling the above conflicts in war prone areas like South Sudan, Congo, and recently Nigeria.

Our team of experts carries out the following duties:
 Going to the main affected areas to investigate the main issue.
 Offering Temporal solution to curb the violence while assessing the problem at hand
 Creating security policy documents and proposal that should be followed
 Implement the said proposal towards ending the conflict and resolving the issue permanently.
 Offering Logistic support for food and healthcare products to the affected areas.
 Sensitizing and mobilizing the citizens about the importance of peace and coexistence amongst themselves.

 At Avant company our experts in security and conflict resolution believe in peace and unity worldwide, any call or work assigned to Avant company concerning security is taken seriously, so as to make the world a better place for all.